Rah Rivers



Rah works from a studio in Dartington, South Devon, where there is always something new on the go.  She studied Fine Art decades ago and has been creating ever since.   


Making mosaics for the last 8 years, the intricate process becomes no quicker, with many years of practice.  The ambition for finer, more exact details and painterly designs has kept the whole process one of slow emergence.  The studio is a treasure trove of antique patterns and colours. Each piece of china is finely cut and these pieces are arranged and often many times rearranged into new forms.  Heart protectors, garden lovers, flowers, birds and blooming ladies, all made with great care and attention to detail. If they are about anything, it is quiet love.  They are made as love tokens in many forms.


Painting has made an irresistible comeback, as the themes inspiring the mosaics now take root in painting also.  It is a conversation between the two forms, each serving the other in a desire for greater fluidity.


The most recurring inspirations are from folk and naive art and pattern from many sources.  Art that has a place close to home, nature and family life; cultural expressions of joy, love, gratitude and reverence, from many countries.  


Really, Rah reveals "all of those hours in the studio, all of that conviction, it is all a constantly naive wondering at the absolute mystery of what it is to create ... and to be driven, insatiably to do so.  A question of what is nourished and what is almost touched, in the still quiet, when something new comes into surprising being."