Rah Rivers

Portfolio: Miniature Angel paintings and Madonnas

 This is a growing collection of miniature paintings of angels and Madonnas. Begun in 2015, on one day when shocking news broke about a terrorist attack. I found myself, heart aching, tears flowing, painting one little angel. I continued to paint them for the next few months, finding they soothed the pain and brought quiet to my confused and weary mind. Now I paint them regularly. I post them all over the world and love to hear the tales of where they are heading and who they are for.  Often bought as little blessings, love gifts or special wishes for friends and loved ones who need a little extra tenderness in their lives.  I paint them in the quiet and wish that they bring moments of peace to a busy world. They are a silent little offering. Quiet love. 

Please email me if you would like information on what I have available. These can be easily posted around the world and payment is easily made through a paypal invoice. I just need your address for where to send them. 


See regular updates of new angels on my Instagram account.